The cry of frustration echoed through the camper van, and soon enough, a rather angry Brutal came stomping out of her tiny excuse for a bathroom. In her hand she clenched a few pieces of what was once the showerhead, the flimsy old plastic having finally chipped off when she had tried to bathe, putting an end to the “little shower that could” saga. Flinging the pieces away, she began to momentarily throw her clothing back on, tugging at the stubborn fabric clinging to her somewhat-wet skin as she went. She was going to have to improvise for now. Grabbing up her shower supplies, she stomped off to the pond nearby amongst the trees. It wasn’t the best, no, but it would have to do.

She was too frustrated to pay attention to things around her as she set everything down and tied up her tangly hair in a worn-out scrunchie. She had her overshirt unbuttoned and off, exposing her camisole underneath, before she even began to think about looking up and around…

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